Dear Delta Airlines: Help me get home sooner!

Dear Delta,

I’m a long time Delta customer (and Northwest before that).  I fly you guys a lot.  Platinum (nearly Diamond, in fact) last year.  Platinum (maybe Diamond) this year.  Gold and silver before that.  I travel a lot for work and I fly Delta almost exclusively.   I like flying Delta and I like the perks that loyalty brings.  You have always treated me well and taken care of most things for me promptly and expertly.

Having said that, I’d like to request one small change to your SkyMiles program:  Please change Same Day Standby and Same Day Confirmed to be 24 hour standby and 24 hour confirmed.  I often book flights back home for the next day (after I’m done with my business) because I am never quite sure when things will finish up work wise for me.  For instance, I’m flying home tomorrow morning instead of tonight because I thought my meetings would go late.  However, my meetings often finish early, as they did today.  You have flights home for me tonight, but I can’t take them without paying a big fee or buying a new ticket b/c it’s not the “same day”, even though my flight is less than 12 hours from now.  This is silly and annoying and is needless red tape that prevents me from being home tonight instead of tomorrow afternoon.   When you travel a lot and have a family, that difference of 12 to 20 hours, believe it or not, is often the difference between seeing your kid’s baseball game and hearing about it on the phone or catching up with your spouse before they go of to work again in person versus on the phone.

I get that you won’t always have availability, but you often do, and I know from first hand experience that it is pretty simple to for you to move tickets around as you see fit (you do it all the time) so it really can’t be a cost issue.  Plus, you only offer it to Gold or above, who are your most loyal customers.  Thus, I ask you: please help me get home sooner.