Is Joe Biden’s net worth really only $150K? It’s gotta be a typo! | Biden quickly adopts role as attack dog
[Biden’s] net worth of $150,000 is decidedly middle class among the millionaire members of the U.S. Senate

I find this really scary. Either it’s a lie, a typo, or Joe Biden doesn’t know how to save money. Seriously, how does one spend 35 years in the senate, where the annual salary these days is at least $165K and he has only saved $150K in that time? Just $10K a year in savings would do it in half that time, and that is just in cash, net worth actually counts the value of your home, etc. Someone needs to do some real digging here. There’s gotta be offshore accounts or something like that or it is a typo. If not, Joe Biden has no business whatsoever being involved in any discussion of money at the Federal level, because his money management skills are grossly incompetent. Seriously, in my early days out of college, I was making ~$40K and I managed to save at least $5K/year in my 401(K) and other accounts. He’s making 4 times that and he can’t put away a few bucks for a rainy day?

As for the bigger dust up on “who’s poorer”, I find it laughable that any of these guys, McCain or Obama, are wasting our time discussing who’s “more in touch” based on how much money the other guy makes. Let’s face facts, the day any of these guys retire from public service is the day they take a job as a high six figure lobbyist for their favorite special interest. Not too mention the amount of money each of them already makes. So please, just stop the stupid bickering and the playground taunts. Talk about something real. Frankly, I don’t care that either one of you are wealthy, in this day and age of Presidential politics, that is a foregone conclusion. What I care about is whether you have the skills to lead a country of 300 million plus people in tough times, and at this point, neither one of you is showing me they have what it takes.’