Review of Vivetique Organic Innerspring Mattress

Back in January or so, we bought a Vivetique Organic Innerspring Mattress from the The Organic Mattress Store. We spent a good deal of time researching mattresses (at least a month), etc. and finally settled on the organic cotton innerspring mattress because my wife gets pretty nasty migraines from a lot of things like perfumes, etc. and the stuff they put in conventional mattresses. We were pretty excited about the purchase, as it has been a number of years since we last bought a mattress and we were due for a new one. Additionally, we liked the thought it was organic and were thus willing to pay a little bit of a premium.

So, I guess you could say we were surprised when we got the mattress and it had a pretty bad smell to it. Kind of a rubbery smell, but not completely. Needless to say, it gave my wife a migraine that night we slept on it. We called the Organic Mattress Store and said it had a bad smell. They said either give it more time or we can ship it back (at our expense) and if they (Vivetique) smell it, they will refund our money. Note, the shipping expenses are around $400. We decided to give it more time. They called back a few weeks later and we said the smell was still there. They said give it some more time. They told my wife in one conversation that sometimes it takes 3-4 months. In a separate conversation, I was told it can be up to 5-6 months and that I should go get myself a good HEPA filter (we already have one) or an ionizer. In other words, we should throw more money at the problem. So, we waited. In the meantime, I slept on it. Over time, I realized I didn’t exactly like the firmness anymore (it is not as firm as I would like) and when my wife has tried to sleep on it (i.e. when we have company), she says it isn’t firm enough either and the smell is still there.

Finally, today, I called back the store. They heard my complaint. My basic argument was that we lodged the smell complaint early on and were told to wait. We waited and it still hasn’t dissipated and now we don’t like the firmness either. They say they only will exchange within 30 days, tops 60 days for comfort. I, of course, argued this, since it was impossible for us to decide if we both liked the comfort since the smell prevented my wife from sleeping on it. The owner said he would check w/ Vivetique to see what options we had. He thought the smell might be from the wool. I’m not sure. Also, note, in fairness, the Organic Mattress Store claims they would never tell anyone to wait that long (3-6 months). I will tell you both my wife and I were told the same thing by separate people at the company, so you decide.

Finally, the store called back later today after consulting with Vivetique, who, surprise!, said there was nothing that can be done. As a consolation, the store said I could purchase any other bed they have at cost plus shipping. Even if Vivetique were to take it back, we’d have to pay $400+ in shipping.

So, now my wife and I are put in the spot of deciding if we should throw good money after bad, or if we should just cut our losses and try to figure something else out. I think we will try to sell the bed on Craigslist or something. After all, it is a brand new bed and there is nothing physically wrong with it other than a smell that someone who is sensitive to might not like and it wasn’t to our firmness liking, but that part is subjective anyway. I know we both tend to like really firm mattresses. Beyond that, I’m not sure what to do.

The sad part of it is, this type of bed is specifically marketed to people, like my wife, who have sensitivities to perfumes, chemical smells, etc. If we can’t buy an organic mattress made from pure cotton and pure wool, what can we buy? Note, she doesn’t have a problem with our older, “conventional” bed.

At any rate, I know I will never buy a mattress over the Internet again. Let’s call a spade a spade, too: A guarantee isn’t worth much if you have to spend $400-$500 in order to invoke the guarantee (i.e. by paying the shipping costs). And, that is what Vivetique counts on with it’s guarantee; that people like me aren’t going to call ’em on it because of the shipping costs. Of course, I’m not trying to be the victim here. I knew about the 30 day guarantee going in and still chose to buy it. I guess I figured, though, that after we were told to wait for the smell to dissipate that we could still exchange it. I should have gotten that in writing (not that it was ever promised by the Organic Mattress Store). Note, also that the Organic Mattress Store has been handling this fairly well and trying to make us happy, to some extent, although it is short of what we really want, which is our money back. Vivetique, on the other hand, basically washes their hands of it.

So, in the end, buyer beware, I guess. I can’t recommend buying from Vivetique given their return policies and the associated cost. As for the Organic Mattress Store, I’m still undecided. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out. In the meantime, I’d love to hear some other options.